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Straps Bundle for ICE ID PRO - 3 OPTIONS

This bundle of straps is for the ICE ID PRO series.
Purchase 3 straps in 3 different colours to interchange as you feel. There is no tag and no clasp included, only straps.
We offer 3 bundles to choose from:

The Red Bundle - consists of a RED, a WHITE and a BLACK strap.
The Blue Bundle - consists of a ROYAL BLUE, a WHITE and a BLACK strap
The Lumo Bundle - consists of a LUMO PINK, a LUMO GREEN and a SKY BLUE strap

Please note that the white strap stays white. A property of silicone is that it repels. So it repels dirt, no need to worry that it will get dirty.
You will need a PRO CURVED TAG and a CLASP to go with these bands if you don't already have a tag and clasp.
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Straps Bundle for ICE ID PRO - 3 OPTIONS
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