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NATO - STRAP WITH TAG - 5 Different Colours

NATO (Nylon) Strap and ID Tag

The British navy pioneered the NATO strap back in the 70s, and it still features as a statement look!

Now, add a ICE ID PRO Tag,  with customized Emergency Contact Info, and you not only have the LOOK, but also your details on you, when in need.

We have a range of 5 timeless color combinations, each strap is interchangeable with the PRO Tag, and tells a unique story about your style. 

There is a secondary part to the Nato strap, with a ‘keeper’ at its end. After it has been looped behind the Tag, this creates a pocket, limiting the distance the Tag can move. Fasten the strap snugly on the wrist, and the Tag will stay exactly where it was needed. It won't move along the Nato Strap.

The medical grade stainless steel tag has up to 6 lines of laser engraving for all your 'In Case of an Emergency' information

We recommend the following to be considered as information to be include on your tag: Please double check your spelling and data accuracy.
LINE 1: Name and Surname
LINE 2: An Emergency Contact Number (No need to include a name, the number will be sufficient in the case of an emergency)
LINE 3: A second Emergency Contact Number
LINE 4: Medical Aid Company and Number (ie Discovery 1234567)
LINE 5: Any Allergies or Medication (or No Allergies)
LINE 6: You do not need to complete this line, but it is available if you have more info to include


Please Note: Engraving of orders takes place every Monday and Thursday.
Orders that are placed between a Thursday and up till a Sunday night will be engraved on Monday, assembled and shipped to you on Tuesday. Shipping then takes up to three working days, so received by Friday.

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NATO - STRAP WITH TAG - 5 Different Colours
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