I have to tell you.....
how absolutely refreshing to not only get good & efficient service, but also for once that when a supplier says you will have your product on Thursday, that I actually get my product on Thursday.
In these times, where customer service consists of slogans with no execution, I appreciate your service that has no slogans but just reliable execution.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely.
Louis Carstens

My Father Passed Away in 2010
My father passed away in 2010, he had a heart attack while driving, they only notified us 4 hours later... the only way they had reached us is by tracing the car (we were lucky it was in my moms name) and came to our house to tell us that my dad did not make it. Had they contacted us in the first place we might have been able to get to him and take him to the hospital. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter and aunt, I feel like all of us need this, not just cyclists, runners or kids. These days phones have passwords so you can't even look through a phone for contact numbers. ICE ID is must have!!

Fantastic Product
What a fantastic product! Very well done to you for making this available and so easy to order online!
Rene Bruno

Everybody's Responsibility
It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that their family and themselves are well covered in the case of an emergency. This is a simple and effective way of ensuring that those who are prepared to help have immediate access to your information without the added panic in an emergency situation. The same arises with little children in busy shopping centres and traveling. The panic is taken away from them with immediate access to parents' details. Finally a product that is so simple to order and wear…well done :)
Paula Maughan

Peace of Mind
CE ID should be worn by EVERYONE! Living in SA you never know what can happen and by wearing a simple ICE Bracelet you are assured that your ICE contact will be notified. Peace of mind for the whole family and an added bonus is that dealing with Ali and Rosy is always a pleasure
Char Munitich

Whole Family
Our whole family are ICE'd, I love my piece of security/safety and "bling" to wear everyday:) It's always a pleasure doing business with Ali McLean & her team!! Well done to you all!! Proud to be part of your awesome product.
Petro Labuschagne

Medical Bracelet
It's the best medical information bracelet, great too for children to wear and for my pets' collars
Easy to order and bands are comfortable with a great fastener.
Very impressed with them.

Nix Mermaid

Customer Focus
ICE ID is an awesome customer focused business who continue to innovate with new ICE products, offerings and partnerships all the time. As a mom with three small very active boys, the kids ICE bracelets are invaluable when we are travelling or in crowded public places. Thanks Ali and Rozy for the super service!

Ashleigh de LIma

Info Quickly
Ice-id is perfect for any instance where you would need those important digits right away. Great product and simply order online. Nicely done !
Chris Lees

As a 70 year old I wear mine with confidence that I can be attended to right away, I also really like the way ICEID supports local charities like Qhubeka giving bicycles to underprivileged children to get to school and Choc that supports children with cancer. I support them for supporting the community as well. Well done ICEID.
Yvonne Smith